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MapPoint 2011 available

You can buy MapPoint 2011 at affortable price here

Here you will find some Microsoft MapPoint shareware. See notes in the intro page for general information.

MPDemo is a program that shows you how to use the most important API features using C#. Most things are based on frequently asked questions on the MapPoint discussion forum at, a place which you should regularly check also. You find me there too.

Of course many materials can be found showing how to use MapPoint. But every time you have to code it to see what it does. Using this application you can check out what you want to do and step with the debugger through it to see the code.

The code is written using separate classes in separate files as much as possible. Events are used at the places where a GUI update is needed.

Of course you will get lifetime free upgrades of the source, even if the price will raise in future. Note that you must have Microsoft .NET version 2 installed to run the executable.

This is a list of features you get:

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Name: MP Demo for MapPoint 2004
MP Demo for MapPoint 2006 - 2010
Size: 112 KB
  This executable shows you the features you get and is free of charge. However it is password-protected. To get the password simply drop me an e-mail. To get the source, you have to pay me 25 €. E-mail me for payment instructions.
Articles I wrote on programming with MapPoint
Snap to road This article shows how to take a latitude / longitude pair and find the nearest road relative to that point. The technique, written entirely in Delphi, employs reverse geocoding and determines the lat/lon using a CalcXY routine.
Point in polygon This article explains a method to calculate if a position is in or outside a convex polygon. It does not make use of floating point numbers to optimize for speed as much as possible.

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